The 10 Songs Your Wedding Needs

The music played at your wedding will set the tone for the entire event. While it may be overwhelming to think of every song that will be played on your big day, there are a few important ones to take into consideration. When planning, keep in mind choosing songs for these 10 important moments on your special day! 🎶

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The prelude music will be one of the first things your guests will notice at your wedding. Generally, prelude music is light background music that is played while guests are being seated. Though you can request specific songs, your DJ, ceremony musician, or wedding planner will most likely have a list of songs to fit your wedding style.

2. Processional

The processional song is played while the wedding party enters the ceremony. This also includes parents and grandparents. Traditionally, instrumental music is played during this time. Though, if you wanted to switch things up, you could have a processional style!

3. Bridal Processional

“Here comes the bride…!” This is the moment you have been waiting for. The moment where everyone will gasp at the beauty of the bride and marvel at the look on the groom’s face. Choose a bridal processional song that will highlight your arrival to the ceremony.

4. Recessional

The recessional song is played when you exit the ceremony as husband and wife. This song should be happy and lively! While this can also be an instrumental song, it is becoming more popular to have a fun recessional song or even a dance routine! I definitely recommend my personal favorite – Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder.

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5. Reception Entrance

The party has arrived! The reception entrance song is played when you…enter the reception. (I know that was a tough one to figure out.) Start the reception with a bang and choose a rockin’ entrance song!

6. First Dance

Your first dance as a couple can be a very sentimental moment. If you have a song that is already your favorite or ‘your song’, this can be a great pick for a first dance. If not, brainstorm some of your favorite songs at the moment and listen to the lyrics to see if any of them stand out.

7. Father/Daughter Dance

Parent dances usually follow the first dance at the reception. A father daughter dance song should be sweet and sentimental! No matter what, you’ll always be your daddy’s little girl.

8. Mother/Son Dance

While mother son dances can also be soft and slow, they can also be fast and upbeat! A swing dance, foxtrot, or waltz between a groom and his mom will awe all the guests.

9. The Party-Starter

Everybody report to the dance floor – it’s time to get the party started! Every reception needs that one song that will get everyone out of their seats to bust a move. Pick one of your all-time-favorites as a couple.

10. The Last Song

Before you run through a sea of sparklers, glow sticks, or bubbles, end the reception on a good note and play one of your favorite songs. The last song will give everyone one last chance to show off their dance moves.

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