Do’s and Don’ts of Kissing at the Altar

First Kiss photographed by Elizabeth Looney Photography

“My first kiss went a little like this….” Your first kiss as husband and wife is a big deal. You’ve probably kissed a million times, but this time is special (and in front of ALL your closest friends and family). Why not make it perfect? We’ve put together a few tips to ensure that your first kiss is a success. From hand placement to duration, we’ve got you covered. Pucker up! 😚

Do Kissing Collage Photographed by Frozen Exposure Photo and Cinema, Waldorf Photographic Art, and Jessica Lee Photographic Art


1.Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you are okay with kissing before marriage, you can use your “first kiss” as an excuse to get as many smooches as your heart desires. Practice makes perfect! Hand placement, time duration, approach, and dismount should all be considered.  (It almost sounds like a gymnastics routine – but I swear it is not that complicated.)

2. Get Close

Unless you want to look like Mickey and Minnie Mouse,  you should not have to hinge at the waist to lock lips. Approach each other and get close so the distance is comfortable. If your groom is much taller than you, consider meeting him halfway on your tiptoes so he doesn’t have to bend down so far.

3. Do Something with Your Hands

You need a game-plan for hand placement. Some of the most popular hand placements include holding hands, a partial embrace with hands on each other’s waists, or a passionate ‘face grab’. You can choose whatever makes you feel comfortable – but definitely choose something!

4. Close Your Eyes

You’ve been looking at each other the whole ceremony and have the rest of your lives to look as well. So for the sake of your wedding pictures, please close your eyes when you kiss! It will be much more passionate and a lot less awkward.

5. Go for it!

Don’t be nervous – you just married the love of your life! Pucker up and lay one on that lucky man!

Kissing Don'ts Collage photo courtesy of Maxaru, Pexels, and eBay

Do Not’s

1.Approach Each Other Too Quickly

I know you are excited to kiss your new hubby – but don’t let that ruin the moment. Make eye contact with your groom, smile, and slowly approach each other. This will make the moment more intimate and better photographed.

2. Be Sloppy

Keep your tongue in your mouth. Save it for later. It’s awkward for the guests and it will not look cute in pictures. Just trust me on this one.

3. Make it a Surprise

If you want to have a dramatic “dip” or be picked up in any way – this should NOT be a surprise for either of you. Imagine being dropped on the ground by your new husband – not the best way to kick start your marriage if you ask me. (No pun intended!)

4. Tilt Your Head TOO Much

Avoid each other’s noses without looking like your neck is going to snap. A slight head tilt is obviously necessary but don’t overdo it. Normally, the bride tilts her head to the right but, you should do whatever feels natural as a couple.

5. Make it Last Forever

Keep it short(ish), sweet, and to the point. Most photographers recommend 5 quick seconds or ‘3 Mississippi’s’ for the first kiss. It is long enough to get quality photos and to be intimate, but is not too long that will make your guests slightly uncomfortable. Save those longer kisses for the honeymoon! 😉


Images courtesy of:

Elizabeth Looney Photography

Frozen Exposure Photo & Cinema

Waldorf Photographic Art

Jessica Lee Photographic Art

We would love to hear your ‘first kiss’ stories! Comment your experiences below!

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