Why You Need a Wedding-Only Email Address

You’re engaged! In your excitement, you may be tempted to hand out your personal email address at tons of registration events. But you really shouldn’t.

Just as sure as the sun will rise the day after you drop your email into that dotted box, you’re sure to start getting a whole slew of messages from services and vendors eager and willing to market their options to you. While getting those messages is exciting and often filled with invaluable resources and offers for your big day, it can be a little hard to wade through when you just want to see that funny cat meme your BFF Tiffany just sent you.

So, here’s the solution for how to keep your sanity: create a wedding-only email address.


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What in the world is a wedding-only email address, you may ask?

A wedding-only email address is simply a normal email address you create that is used specifically for wedding correspondence. Any time a wedding pro, Pink Bridal Show or registration event requests your email address, you can give them your “wedding” email address instead of your personal email address to cut back on what you’ll see as spam later.


You won’t have to worry about trashing your personal email address after the big day.

After the wedding is over or you’re no longer interested in receiving promotions and other emails from wedding pros, you can simply stop checking your wedding email address. This protects your personal email address from receiving irrelevant messages after the big day. You can go on clicking through messages that matter in your personal email inbox – without begging to be unsubscribed from wedding-related mailing lists one by one.


Where should I get my wedding-only email address?

Really, setting up a wedding-only email address through any free email provider will do. The Pink Bride suggests using Gmail to set up a wedding email because of the space, filter options, Google Docs, and other perks available for your planning use, all for free. Simply click over to www.gmail.com for instructions on signing up.

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What should my address be?

Again, it can be anything. I personally like the “yourmarriedlastname-wedding” approach, but I’ve seen some brides use their wedding date or even their first dance song title for the handle. A wedding email address has the same guidelines for choosing as a personal email address – just whatever the email provider requires!


Set up your signature to include the basic details of your wedding.

Your first and last name

Phone number

Wedding Date

Wedding City/State

This ensures that everyone you feel like responding to already has the basic, most important details of your day to tailor any future conversations specifically to you. It also saves you from answering the same questions over and over again!

Bride holding white rose bridal bouquet, photographed by Temple Photography | The Pink Bride {Why You Need a Wedding-Only Email Address}

Make sure you check your wedding email’s inbox regularly.

Although it’s separate from your personal email address, you should still make it a point to check it regularly. You never know when a limited-time offer will come through that you won’t want to miss out on!



Any other questions or comments about having a wedding-only email address?

Leave your thoughts below!



Images courtesy of premier Knoxville wedding photographer Temple Photography.

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