Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag How-To

How do you create a memorable and fun welcome bag for your wedding guests? Use these ideas to get started.

Any way you look at it, your wedding guests are who make your wedding a true party. Honoring them with a memorable, fun treat at the start of your wedding weekend seems not only logical, but also necessary to get the party started early!

For today’s busy bride, creating the perfect welcome bag or basket for your wedding guests may seem like an after-thought. Welcome gifts for out-of-towners and other special guests are often a detail many brides address last second, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are my top, simple steps to keep your guests entertained and excited for the weekend with the ultimate wedding guest welcome bag!


Wedding guest basket for wedding weekend, featured on The Pink Bride {Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag How-To}

via Martha Stewart Weddings

1. Every gift looks best with amazing packaging.

Make sure you find packaging for your wedding welcome bags that not only matches your wedding theme or colors but also adds a unique, fun touch to the items within.


2. Always include an itinerary for your wedding weekend.

One of the best items you could ever include in a welcome basket for your wedding guests is an itinerary so they know what to expect (and when). Decide how you’ll plan out the perfect wedding weekend itinerary, and go from there.


3. Don’t forget the refreshments!

Everything from local snacks and drinks to your guests’ favorite refreshments will go a long way to make them feel comfortable, loved, and at home just in time to celebrate with you!


Wedding guest basket for wedding weekend, featured on The Pink Bride {Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag How-To}

Luna Dulce Photography via Pinterest

4. Make sure guests know about other local opportunities for them to take advantage of in their own time.

One of my favorite items to include in welcome bags includes discounts to local attractions or simply info about your favorite spots or restaurants in the area. Your out-of-town guests will enjoy the snacks after a long trip, as well as the invitation to enjoy their stay!


5.  Include a nice guest favor for them!

Souvenirs are always a nice way to brand your event as well as help guests remember the most important weekend of your life, so make sure you give them something they’ll love for years to come.


6. Do you have guests who won’t stay at a hotel? Include pampering gifts too.

A nice relaxing candle along with travel sizes of luxurious body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and toothpaste can go a long way to help your guests feel comfortable for your wedding weekend.


Wedding guest thank you card, featured on The Pink Bride {Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag How-To}

Darby Cards Nashville via Etsy

7. Add your own unique touch to welcome your guests.

A cute door hanger telling visitors not to disturb because guests were dancing the night away at your reception, fun props, ad libs, and other personalized items that help to brand your event and encourage guests to have a blast really go a long way to personalize your gift.


8. You should always include a thank-you card!

Your guests have rearranged their schedules and, in some cases, traveled many hours to celebrate with you. Don’t forget that thank-you card to let them know how much they mean to you and how important they are to your special day!


9. Make delivery simple.

Often, your out-of-towners’ hotel will hold the guest baskets at the reception area and hand them out to guests as they check in under your room block, free of charge. Some hotels may also place the baskets within each room for you at an additional cost. The point is to make the whole process fast and simple for your guests! Contact your local hotel for more info.


10. Assign one or two members of your bridal party to follow up on the baskets to ensure guests are receiving them as intended.

Don’t let yourself stress over the welcome bags during your wedding weekend. Have someone you trust check in on their delivery for you so worrying isn’t on your agenda.

Wedding guest hotel door hanger, featured on The Pink Bride {Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag How-To}

Caroline Fontenot via Nico and Lala




What other ideas can you think of to include in your wedding guest baskets? Share them with me in the comments below!




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